20 years away.

How many nuclear reactors are there now in Germany? Should we fear it so much that we ignore the potential benefits? No. Today it is 2.5, which is barely above replacement. The increase in fossil fuel use paralleled a number of other developments, which were unrelated, like the development of vaccines, hygiene and antibiotics.

Because technological growth tends to proceed on many fronts at once, as energy based technologies grew, so did medical technologies. The increase in human population began long before fossil fuels were used.2. Not my logic. We made a mistake, and the correlation is not real.Between energy use and population growth over the past few hundred years, there seems to be a correlation. In other words, there has been a change in behavior and expectation made possible by and encouraged by technology advances.

Thus fusion, as a source of comparatively clean power, can greatly enhance not only human life, but the entire biosphere. Reply for:1.: Animal is also source of energy (ie: transportation/labor-forces). (more…)

By savanah, ago